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Corey Rieck

Title: President and Founder
Company: The Long Term Care Planning Group
Industry: Long Term Care Insurance

1000 Circle 75 Parkway SE
Suite 44
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Phone Number: 678-814-5088

Long Term Care is not a condition or a place. It is a life changing event!

• An improperly funded or unfunded Long Term Care event doesn’t mean your life will end. It means someone else’s life is going to end.

• Helping protect what is important to you.

• Helping preserve the emotional, financial and physical wellbeing of your family

• Helping you preserve your family’s long-term financial viability

Since 2001, I decided to devote the remainder of my career to long term care. This decision was largely influenced by my experience witnessing firsthand what happens to a family when a member with poor health does not have long-term care insurance, as my mother was, in her late forties, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and rendered uninsurable.

To save others from the challenges my family faced, I devoted considerable time to community-based education. I regularly serve as a speaker to clear the fog and dispel the myths surrounding long term care and I spend a great deal of time educating long term care professionals.

Originally from Minnesota, I have resided in the Greater Atlanta area for almost twenty years.

The Long Term Care Planning Group was founded in 2011. As President & Founder, I have developed a boutique long term care planning firm that specializes in providing solutions for companies, high net worth individuals and large organizations. My past experience in wealth management helps clients understand fully how an unfunded long-term care event can adversely impact both a financial plan and income.

Aside from work, I enjoy football, spending time with family & friends and cooking on my Big Green Egg.

FOCUS: Long Term Care Insurance, LTC Employee Benefits, Estate Protection, Asset/Income/Retirement Preservation, LTC Planning, LTC Funding Strategies, LTC Insurance, LTC Financial Planning, Wealth Protection, Wealth Retirement Preservation,
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