• Profile picture of Fred Bozzuto

    Group Benefits

    Fred Bozzuto
    Financial Advisor
  • Profile picture of Sheryl Cherico

    IT Sales/Support

    Sheryl Cherico
    Founder - Executive Director
  • Profile picture of Leigh Dougherty

    Medical billing, accounts receivable collections

    Leigh Dougherty
    Medical Imaging Technologies (MIT)

  • Profile picture of Yvonne Dwyer

    Medical Staffing/Recruiting

    Yvonne Dwyer
    Med-Hire, LLC
  • Profile picture of Amy Green

    Direct Mail Marketing

    Amy Green
    DART Direct Mail
    Sales Manager
  • Profile picture of Zane Kinney

    Embezzlement Investigations

    Zane Kinney
    Astinel Security & Forensics
    Principal Consultant
  • Profile picture of Karla L Kreitner

    Medical Compliance

    Karla L Kreitner
    Kardon Compliance
    Business Manager and Consultant
  • Profile picture of Ben Loggins


    Ben Loggins
    Loggins Kern & McCombs
  • Profile picture of Jim McCoy

    Copiers, 3D printer technology, and innovative document solutions

    Jim McCoy
    Nova Copy
    Senior Account Executive
  • Profile picture of Christopher Burton, MD

    Medical Business Coaching

    Christopher Burton, MD
    Dr. Christopher Burton

  • Profile picture of Nancy Mealor

    HR support and services

    Nancy Mealor
    MRG -Management Resource Group

  • Profile picture of Corey Rieck

    Long Term Care Insurance

    Corey Rieck
    The Long Term Care Planning Group
    President and Founder
  • Profile picture of Yves Marc Saranga


    Yves Marc Saranga
    Hunter Group Architects

  • Profile picture of Ted Schwartz

    Real Estate

    Ted Schwartz
    Joel & Granot Commercial Real Estate
    Senior Forensic Scientist
  • Profile picture of Mike Sweeney

    EMR/PM Software Solution

    Mike Sweeney
    Health Systems

  • Profile picture of Corie Townsend


    Corie Townsend
    Ameris Bank
    SBA Business Development Officer
  • Profile picture of Jonathan Warner

    Georgia Retraining Tax Credit

    Jonathan Warner
    Workforce Training Partners

  • Profile picture of David Wiener

    Cost Segregation

    David Wiener
    Transworld Systems
    Membership Chair
  • Profile picture of Todd Withrow

    Website Design / Digital Marketing

    Todd Withrow
    NicheLabs LLC
    Senior Manager